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Homemade Hard Cider

Directions for making 5 gallons:

After getting your juice home, draw off about 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon of juice into a jug. Open the packet of Cider Yeast with Nutrient, and pour most of the packet into the 5 gallon carboy, and the rest into the gallon jug. Cap off both containers with an airlock. (Note: If you choose to ferment 5 gallons of juice in a 6 gallon bucket, there is no need to remove any juice prior to adding the yeast.)

Place your containers in an area where the temperature can remain fairly constant -- approximately 70 degrees F. Your cider should show signs of working within a few hours -- with the fermentation completing in about 2 to 3 weeks. If you reach a S.G. reading of 1.004 or lower on your hydrometer for 2 consecutive days, you can consider bottling your cider.

After fermentation has ended, you may bottle your cider. Fill each bottle to within 2 inches from the top. Put up to 5 carbonation tablets into each bottle and add any additional "non fermentable sweetener" if you desire. Cap each bottle, and let sit for about 2 weeks or more, allowing the carbonation tablets to work.

(WARNING: Fermentation must be completed before the addition of carbonation tablets when bottling.)

Serve room temperature or chilled.

Makes approximately 50, 12 ounce bottles.

Recommended Materials:
Fermenter with airlock
Gallon jug with airlock
Cider Yeast
Siphon Hose
Non-Fermentable Sweetener
Carbonation Tablets
Crown Caps




















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